Lebanon: Cormac – Where you been, Man?

I’m back! For those of you who have missed me over the last week or so, I apologise! For those of you who have enjoyed the silence, likewise! 😉

Over the last two weeks things have been changing so fast I couldn’t blog fast enough to keep up. End result is that the next two months look very different to how they did a week ago. So. Here’s ma bezzie mate David to accompany you while we sit back, take a breath, and enjoy the ride! Fair warning, it’s a long’un.

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Lebanon: Week Two, Weekend Three

The phrase “nothing went even vaguely to plan, but we all ended up enjoying it nonetheless” seems to be the catchphrase of my year abroad so far. I think I’m going to make it my strapline. Or maybe I should trademark it. You’ll all be pleased to know that this week has been no exception. I’m almost tempted to do a top-gear style intro highlighting the ridiculousness. In fact, I think I will. 

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Lebanon: Weekend Two

This weekend I had a fantastic burger, went to church, got roped into doing a Bible reading and ended up getting a lift home from a motherly old lady who took me on a tour of Beirut’s Catholic churches, warning me strongly against the dangers of the taxis that people get in and never get out. (I think she remembers the war…)

Other than that, it’s been a quiet few days.

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Lebanon: First Week.

Intense (Adjective) : Extremely Ernest or Serious.

Well, they weren’t kidding. In fact, the dictionary definition for Intensive offers Arabic as the prime example. Remember being put in a fairly middle of the road group? Yeah? I got demoted. I’ve never been happier to be told my teachers don’t think I can hack it.

Happily, my new group is, so far, great.

I should also add that now, officially, my grandparents are reading the blog! Also I promised them a shout-out so: Hello Grandma, hello Granddad, you’re famous on the internet now 😉

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Lebanon: Weekend One

When I was told we were going to a food market, I expected significantly more aubergines and significantly fewer bikinis. Nevertheless, this weekend I fulfilled a lifelong dream (okay, semi) of going on a Jetski. And it was fan-bloody-tastic. So all in all I think it turned out for the best.

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Year Abroad: Lebanon Day Two

Pro-tip: If travelling to Lebanon, travel with the biggest brightest most gharishly lurid suitcase you can possibly find. It might one day be a lifesaver.

Happily, I have now been reunited with both my luggage and my bank card, but as you can probably guess by now, neither were exactly without difficulty…

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Year Abroad: Lebanon Day One

So this trip hasn’t quite gone to plan so far. I’m currently without the vast majority of my clothes and things, since the Airport lost my bag, and without my bank card, since the cash machine decided to eat it. Nevertheless, Becky (Friend I’m studying with) and I are in a great apartment in a great city, and I’m actually quite enjoying myself!

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